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BES announces new MDU's

Manufacturer of quality broadcast patching products, BES, has recently produced two new Filtered Mains Distribution Units to prevent radio frequency interference (RFI) in the broadcast studio.

The MDU14F10 and MDU14F16 are 10amp and 16amp units respectively, housed in a 1U 19” rack mounted chassis with 14 individually fused 6 amp outputs. The outputs all have green power present LED’s and a two pole mains input switch which are all located on the front panel.

Darren Fuller, Sales Manager at BES said: “The integral EMC filters will prevent radio frequency interference from reaching sensitive broadcast equipment. Protection against fast acting surges is also delivered to eliminate any possible effects from atmospheric disturbances or inductive switching elsewhere on the power network.

“Likewise, the filter will prevent any produced RFI, whether in switch mode power supplies or from microprocessors, from finding its way back onto the power supply and potentially affecting other equipment.”

Made from extruded aluminium, the front panels on both products are easily accessible and finished in black with a wide clip-on designation strip for clear marking. A switch guard is also included to prevent unintended operation of the switch.

The 16amp unit additionally features a Neutrick Powercon loop through connector on the rear to allow easy daisy chaining of units.

These new products are produced in the UK by DEM Manufacturing and you can view the MDU's by clicking here.

Article first published : 25|11|2014