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Custom Built Termination Panels

Manufacturer of quality broadcast patching products, BES, is now pleased to offer customised termination panels.

Businesses looking for specific requirements from a termination panel can now request a custom made panel, designed and manufactured in the UK by specialist engineers at BES.

Darren Fuller, Sales Manager at BES said: “We are very excited to be offering customised termination panels to assist engineers in obtaining the right product for the job within the studio. We constantly monitor the industry to ensure that we continually meet broadcasting needs and new demands, but unique specifications can often emerge and we have the capabilities and resources to meet those requests.

“With a custom built termination panel, businesses will get exactly what is needed at a cost effective price that suits, plus our engineers can offer support on technical matters and assist with packing density to produce an economical product.

“Our engineers will work closely with the business to produce drawings and verify that the end product will work effectively before the production process begins within our UK factory.”

BES recently developed a custom 4U termination panel where 128 outputs were necessary to suit a larger than average system. However, as well as modifying the number of outputs we can also adjust the spacing between the connectors, offer special silk screening and other colour options as opposed to the standard storm grey.

For more information, please contact us on 01724 273200.

Article first published : 16|12|2014