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DEM Introduces Compact MDU for Dual Redundant Installations

EM Manufacturing has introduced a 14 output MDU specifically designed to power equipment requiring dual redundant supplies. The new unit has 14 outputs and is configured as two independent 7-output MDU´s in a single enclosure.

The provision of two separate supplies for equipment fitted with dual redundant power supplies no longer requires two MDU´s. The “two MDU´s in a box” option significantly reduces the total number of MDU´s required in an installation - with an associated saving in cost and rack space.

The novel configuration provides further benefits since the total current capability is increased from 16A to 20A. So, even though this unit has 14 IEC outputs the current capability per output is increased over 12 output MDU´s. This unit is not limited to a single configuration and can be factory specified with various combinations of mains Powercon inputs such as single input, single input with loop-through and two separate inputs. This flexibility encompasses all popular arrangements.

Article first published : 3|12|2007