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Keeping Pace with the Broadcast Industry

Evolving viewer demands drives technology to respond and Product Manager at BES, Darren Fuller, explains how BES' offerings can support professional broadcasters in such a dynamic industry.

“In recent years the broadcast industry has picked up pace, facilitated by superfast broadband. Combined with the rise of social media, portable devices and a demand for high quality imagery, studio equipment now requires higher power capabilities than ever before to keep up with modern day broadcasting tasks.”

BES’ latest development, a range of 4K video patching panels, are designed to help broadcasters prepare for the industry’s imminent upgrade to ultra high definition. The panels meet and exceed SMPTE ST2082-1:2015, resulting in a versatile product that will support present and future broadcasting duties.

“4K is predicted to take off this year as the surge in 4K content continues to accumulate and UHD TV’s become more affordable, inspiring consumers to purchase since they can actually see an enhancement in the quality. 4K is about to become mainstream technology and therefore we developed the first ultra high definition video patching panels, enabling broadcasters to make the transition and benefit from using top quality, future proof products.”

BES’ mains distribution units also lead the market, with innovative designs and competitive pricing. The units are manufactured in the UK and offer a full range of functions including changeover, MCB’s and remote status reporting, along with a high current, 32A product. They were developed as a solution to the industry’s increase in pace and are of a robust construction. Extruded aluminium front panels are also included with clip-on designation strips and individually fused LED indicators.

“BES continues to adapt to the industry and our customer’s needs, however, off-the shelf products are not always enough and therefore we also offer custom solutions to help meet unusual or specialist specifications. With BES’ knowledgeable engineers, modifications can include the number of outputs, spacing between the connectors, silk screening, colour changes as opposed to the standard storm grey and more.”

As BES approaches its 35th year in business, it maintains its reputable market position as the UK’s leading manufacturer of broadcast patching products, by keeping pace with technological advancements and social trends.

Article first published : 29|3|2016