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New Intelligent Mains Distribution Unit

Introducing network connectivity to our range of Mains Distribution Units, BES has developed a new intelligent unit for secure remote monitoring and control of up to 32 units from one network address.

This is the first intelligent mains distribution unit on the market that incorporates a hot swappable control board to allow for on-site hardware upgrades without disruption. Other features include power on sequence to permit a timed start between channels, on board metering and climatic monitoring with alerts, all managed via the webpage interface.

Darren Fuller, Director of Sales at BES, said; “Flexibility and power management of infrastructure from a central source is essential in our fast paced industry. With installations across multiple locations, being able to monitor output performance and control power from your fingertips makes management simpler and efficient.

“The unit also sends email and SNMP traps when specified limits are reached, allowing the engineer to locate and resolve issues quickly, leading to up time and growth in the long term.”

Intelligent Mains Distribution Unit Features:
> Hot Swappable Control Board to allow for on-site hardware upgrades.
> Power On Sequence to allow a timed start between channels and  other units or turn on simultaneously.
> On Board Metering monitors the mains input to ensure continuous supply.
> Climatic Monitoring includes 8x temperature + humidity sensor port.
> GPIO port includes 8x volt free inputs, 2x analogue inputs, 1x volt free (SSR) output and 1x volt free relay (SPDT) output.
> Email and SNMP traps available to alert when an output fuse blows or user defined limits are exceeded.

Free no-obligation demonstrations are available at your convenience, contact us by emailing or phoning +44 (0)1724 273224.

Click here to view this on our product pages with the technical specification available to download. 

Article first published : 10|8|2017