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Prepare for UHD with
Video Patching Panels

As UHD TV displays begin to dominate the electronics market and consumers become more engaged in the latest 4K content, broadcasters must now prepare for the industry upgrade to UHD SDI.

Darren Fuller, Sales Manager at BES said; “4K is predicted to take off this year as the surge in UHD content continues to accumulate and UHD TV’s become more affordable, inspiring consumers to purchase since they can actually see an enhancement in the quality. 4K is about to become mainstream technology and therefore we developed the UHD Video Patching Panels, enabling broadcasters to embrace this innovation with top quality future proof products.”

BES has developed UHD Video Patching Panels available on the market, suitable for Ultra High Definition with performance up to 24GHz.

Leading supplier of analogue and mixed signal semi-conductors, Semtech Corporation, tested and independently verified the panels’ capabilities before showcasing the product at recent conferences for use in the ‘UHD in a Hybrid SDI / IP world - Joint Interoperability Demonstration’.

John Hudson, Director of Strategic Technology and New Business Development for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Product Group, said: “The interoperability of Semtech’s UHD-SDI portfolio in a hybrid SDI/IP infrastructure utilising IntoPIX’s Tico light compression technology, will address the critical requirements of broadcasters as they update their facilities with UHDTV enabled infrastructures. Advanced UHDTV solutions from BES will further drive rapid adoption of next generation hybrid UHDTV hybrid SDI/IP infrastructures.”

Re-engineered MUdigSA style connectors enable the panel to achieve beyond12GHz for future performance expectations. The range of panels offer up to 2x32 connectors in a 1U panel, plus 4x24 in a 3U panel. Sockets are mounted in injection moulded blocks to provide slight movement for easy alignment and complete isolation of connectors. The panels have been designed for use in general broadcasting, satellite uplinks, within the studio, for outside broadcasting trucks and more.


Q. In practical terms, what performance will these patch panels give me at 12GHz, for 4K?
Independent tests have shown that 70 metres of cable can used with the patch panel.

Q. Are these physically compatible with the MUdigSA 3G type U-links and patchcords?
Yes, the mechanical interface is the same for both. However, 12GHz performance will only be achieved by using the MUdigSA U-links, patchcords, and appropriately rated cable and BNC’s.

BES has been recognised as a leader for quality and specification in broadcast products for over 30 years. With worldwide installations, BES products are at the heart of the broadcast industry, delivering 1000’s of signals to air every second of the day.

Read more and view the technical specification on our product pages.


Article first published : 26|1|2016