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Deltron Connectors for College Laboratories

College laboratory technician, Richard Walder shared his story with us regarding a positive experience with Deltron connectors.

"I have unwittingly been using Deltron 4mm Stackable banana plugs since 1970 when I joined Post Office Telephones (becoming British Telecom and finally BT). The connectors were badged by RS components since they sold them in such volume that it warranted the cost of re tooling the plastic sleeve.

"We were designing new fault finding equipment for underground cables and telephone exchanges and always specified banana plugs because they were so robust and reliable. This is because the curved spring steel “banana “ is anchored to the body of the connector at both ends ensuring a totally reliable contact that requires a positive force to extract it from its socket.

"I joined Eastbourne College in 1992 and my predecessor had been using the same 4mm banana plugs for all test leads. I was surprised that the plugs I had been using all these years were in fact made by Deltron Components. The students use the stackable banana plugs every day to wire circuits together and to connect to Ammeters and Voltmeters etc. No problems were experienced with the product but we needed more test leads as the physics department expanded in our new Science facility.

"Budgets were tight at the time and a cheaper version of 4mm plugs were purchased for the new labs. The test leads were pre formed with a plug at each end and put in the labs. All seemed OK until the teachers started to complain that the plugs were making intermittent contact. Upon investigation it was found that a chromed ferrule used to grip the socket could cause a complete disconnection because it was not anchored to the main body of the connector. This was especially noticed when trying to read the value of a resistor using a multimeter. The digital display would not settle and caused the students to get inaccurate values. Also when trying to balance a Wheatstone bridge the cheaper plugs made it extremely difficult to find the null point.

"The final straw came when the ends of the connectors became detached from the body of the plugs. A so called interference it wasn’t!

"We then decided to change over completely to the totally reliable Deltron connectors. Although slightly more expensive they are a “fit and forget” part that is both robust and long lasting. The teachers are happy once again and the students have more confidence in the circuits and meters that they are using. Peace of mind has returned."

Richard Walder
Laboratory Technician
Eastbourne College

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