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Deltron, a trusted brand for Phono Connectors

Deltron Components is an internationally trusted, well-known brand for phono connectors and is a market leader for quality and customer satisfaction.

Manufactured in the UK from turned brass, Deltron’s phono connectors are suitable for all types of phono/RCA applications including audio and visual signalling.

Nicola Kissaglis, Deltron Components Specialist said: “Whilst we undertake constant research to ensure our products are of the best standard and to monitor changes in the industry, we also have classic ranges with timeless designs. These ranges consist of unique features the audiophile and pro audio user has come to expect, along with the delivery of excellent results time and again.

“We have an extended portfolio of phono connectors and they all feature our patented ‘T’ slot which will always deliver a positive contact, even on undersized phono sockets.”

Deltron’s phono connectors are available in a great range of male and female, solid and hollow pin with gold, chrome and nickel finishes. The connectors feature spring cable strain relief and accept cables up to 5.5mm diameter. Plus, they also allow for colour coded rings to be fitted for easy identification within applications.

The connectors are sold separately by our worldwide distributors that can be found on our distribution network page. For more information, you can visit our Phono Connectors web page by clicking here.

Article first published : 28|11|2014