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Enclosure solutions for the autosport sector, plus a case study about Spanish formula student electric vehicle team; Tecnun SEED Racing.

In Autosport, competitive advantages are generated through the design and manufacture of the vehicle. Weight, electromagnetic interference protection, durability and water resistance are essential factors for consideration, particularly when deciding on appropriate enclosures for housing circuit boards and other electronic components.

We recently supported Spanish formula student electric vehicle team; Tecnun SEED Racing, who required a suitable enclosure for their electric motor racing car.

Tecnun SEED Racing is a group of engineering students at the University of Navarra in Spain, who are designing and building their own electric single seater car for participation in Formula Student; a series of competitive motor racing events amongst students across the globe.

They contacted our sales team to enquire about our enclosures for their vehicles’ electronic components and we were eager to help by sending the enclosures they required, free of charge to support their education, as engineers of the future.

We chose to donate three of our IP68 EMI/RFI Protected Enclosures for the project which would solve the teams’ EMI issues and meet their goal of obtaining small, lightweight boxes to enhance the vehicle.

The Tecnun SEED Racing team were delighted with our donation and commented: “This year our ECU’s and electronic components are going to be safe from water and from EMI/RFI thanks to Deltron Enclosures! We have received their IP68 aluminium enclosures, which are perfect for our purposes. Thank you for your support!”
Read the full story about Tecnun SEED Racing here.


Our Enclosure Features Suited to Autosport
- EMI/RFI Protected Range.
- IP66 and IP68 Ratings.
- Powder or Nylon Coatings for additional protection against oils, diluted acids, corrosion and UV.
- Our enclosures are durable and reliable.
- Custom Solutions and Enclosure Assemblies available.