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Lighting Up UK Naval Warships

Continuing our growth in the military market, Deltron Enclosures recently supported a UK manufacturer in search of enclosures to house emergency lighting for UK Naval Warships.

Two types of enclosures were required for the project, the first to house the LED emergency lighting system and a second to be used for junction boxes.

Deltron’s plastic ABS enclosures were the subject of the initial enquiry but after discussions with our engineers, it emerged that a die cast aluminium enclosure would be more suitable. The marine environment determined the need for water ingress protection, therefore an IP66 enclosure, manufactured from ADC12, was selected to house the lighting. Later on in the project, however, this selection had to change as the mounting option on the box was not right for the location surface and so the enclosure altered to our IP66 range with flanges, Deltron part number 456-0050.

Attaining a robust enclosure was then the most crucial factor for a junction box, as it would need the ability to take knocks without damaging the components inside when aboard the vessels. Deltron’s Heavy Duty Low Cost enclosure range was put forward for its performance in harsh environments such as the marine industry; the collection was designed to be hardwearing and tough yet cost effective also.

The customer themselves then began the testing stage. Samples were provided and the manufacturer went away to assess the durability of the enclosures and check the level of water ingress protection offered to establish their suitability for the warships. Once complete, the customer was happy to approve and the process moved onto production.

DEM engineers were able to support the customer throughout the process by holding weekly conference calls, providing technical drawings, developing samples and prototyping. The end user decided to amend parts of the machining specification halfway through the process, posing a challenge, but DEM engineers were able to adapt to the new requirements before continuing with the machining for gland holes, LED light holes and engraving.

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