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Rail Systems

Reliability and durability are of the upmost importance when producing components for the rail sector.

Industry standards are demanding for every aspect of manufacturing to guarantee high quality and safety, and as rail networks expand, there is a constant need for improved equipment

Deltron manufactures enclosures to meet these stringent requirements for a variety of worldwide rail applications including lighting systems, signalling, train power feed, security, communication systems, control panels and more.

Deltron boxes are ideal for the rail sector as they can provide:
- Corrosion resistance
- Impact resistance
- Water ingress protection
- Dust and dirt ingress protection
- Heavy duty options

Case Studies

Locomotive Sand Dispenser

One supplier to the rail industry recently contacted us regarding a suitable box for use as a locomotive sand hopper.

Sanding involves dispensing sand onto the track, ahead of the driving wheels to eliminate wheel spinning and aid traction and braking when the track is oily from rain, oil or leaves and bad weather conditions.

The supplier required a box to house the pumping system and after discussing their requirements with our sales team, the supplier selected Deltron’s Heavy Duty Low Cost enclosure at 260 x 160 x 90mm. The box was finished with a black, textured, powder coating which offers additional resistance to oils and diluted acids.

We also machined the enclosure in our UK factory by drilling several holes to fit the relevant components in preparation for the assembly stage.

Lighting Control

An engineer of a manufacturer of rail management systems, recently got in touch after downloading a 3D enclosure CAD model on our website.

The manufacturer had decided to purchase and out-source machining for a set of enclosures to control LED signal lighting on unmanned level crossings.

A general purpose enclosure was selected in size 222 x 146 x 107mm, with an IP66 seal to protect internal components from water ingress. A nylon coating was also selected to provide a hardwearing finish with additional resistance to changing weather conditions and corrosion.