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Bespoke Enclosure for Traffic Monitoring Systems

A company which specialises in the manufacture of traffic monitoring equipment, approached Deltron Enclosures when they required a bespoke product.

The customer requested a polycarbonate enclosure, selecting it for its easy moulding and aesthetically pleasing properties. As the application was to be situated outdoors and subject to weathering, however, the specification detailed performance requirements to protect the electronics housed inside the enclosure.

The enclosure had to be sealed to meet IP68, environmental tested to meet EN60068 as well as impact and vibration tested.

Having evaluated the specification, Deltron Enclosure engineers consulted with the customer to incorporate design enhancements which would increase the durability of the enclosure.

Utilising our 3D design software package we finalised the enclosure design and proceeded with production of the tool. Samples were then supplied to the customer to allow independent test certification. The enclosure passed the EN60068 and is now in production.

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