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The University of Oxford students use a Deltron Enclosure

Students from The University of Oxford have recently used one of Deltron's Aluminium Enclosure's in molecule biosensing and DNA sequencing project

We agreed to sponsor the project with a 480-C130 IP68 Aluminium enclosure with enhanced EMI and RFI protection to the students when they contacted our sales team to enquire about receiving a free student sample for their project, we were delighted to help.

They used the enclosure to make a Faraday Cage which blocks electromagnetic fields and stops force fields from interfering, the students chose an aluminium metal enclosure as it needed to have electrically conducting walls, so electromagnetic waves couldn’t pass through.

Nicola Kissaglis, Product Manager at Deltron Enclosures said; “The project is a great way to encourage the students to take part in activities that will prepare them for working life in the industry and we’re delighted that in sponsoring this project, the students have successfully created a device which is being used for biotechnology equipment in their lab.

“The students we sponsor today will be the engineers and innovators of our future, so it’s vital that we support them and help with product sponsorship and expertise. Our student sponsorship project is extremely successful, we’re building relationships and partnerships with engineering labs and with students across the globe”

A Student from The University of Oxford commented “We use the setup to automate the measurement of sensitive electronic measurements for novel biosensors. These measurements are performed both in air and liquid (enabled by the integration with a microfluidic flow cell) with the aim of detecting single biomolecules. Such results would be important for the development of new affordable and scalable single molecule biosensing and DNA sequencing techniques. The Faraday cage allows us to isolate our measurements from external electromagnetic fields hence reducing unwanted noise.”

Article first published : 21|5|2018