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Deltron Enclosures' New Practical Handbook for Engineers

Over 70 years have passed since Deltron Enclosures began manufacturing electronic enclosures and offering expert technical advice for a range of industries and applications.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, and to promote its growing range of products, a new handbook has been published.

Incorporating technical drawings, a selection table, a stockist list and more, engineers have said they are a handy tool to keep in desk drawers.

Nicola Kissaglis, Product Manager for Deltron Enclosures, commented; “We have recently devoted a lot of time investigating current trends and market pressures to increase our product portfolio with ranges that will benefit businesses financially and improve their productivity. We then produced a handbook to include our new ranges and support engineers with technical drawings and guides that can be easily referred to when necessary.

“As part of the Alpha 3 Manufacturing group, we also offer bespoke machining, enclosure assembly, in-house electronics wire manufacturing and component sourcing as a complete solution, to prepare the enclosure for termination and cut costs by reducing the supply chain.“


The new Deltron Enclosures handbook includes several new features:
- Selection Table (By size)
- Stockist List
- Technical Drawings
- Detailed information on each range
- Order/Product Codes
- IP Ratings Chart

Request your free hard copy via our contact form here. Or download the electronic version below.

All local taxes and import duty must be paid by the recipient.

Article first published : 9|2|2018