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Heavy duty enclosures for harsh conditions

DEM Manufacturing, the UK manufacturer and supplier of Deltron enclosures, has launched a new range of heavy duty, IP rated industrial units suitable for use in harsh environments.

The product range meets minimum exposure IP66, IP67 and IP68 for protection against jets of water and full submersion.

The new enclosures will find a home in automotive, industrial automation, marine, military ground systems, renewable energy, test and measurement, traffic management and monitoring, transportation and utilities applications. The range of available dimensions is from 125mm (L) by 125mm (W) and 80mm (H) to 260mm by 160mm by 120mm in the same dimensions.

The new heavy duty series boasts a unique sealing mechanism, developed to ensure minimum exposure for IP66 and IP68 compliance. The IP68 units are suitable for continuous submersion up to depths of ten metres, for up to 20 hours. The seal design also allows contact between the lid and base to maintain EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic and Radio-Frequency Interference) protection.

After recognising a gap in the market, engineers at DEM Manufacturing designed this die-cast range to provide a robust solution for engineers. The durable product range ensures maximum seal face by providing a distinctive sealing mechanism.

The Deltron heavy duty enclosure range incorporates a unique and innovative lid design, which encloses the silicone seal well inside the box and allows for excellent EMI/RFI screening. The silicone seals make the new range both oil and petrol resistant while captive screws improve security and eliminate snagging.

Extensive research has given the opportunity to provide the new range with optimum internal free space to allow for numerous mounting options including DIN Rail mount, studs and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) card guides, all of which can be removed without difficulty to reclaim internal space. The new range is also available with accessories including DIN rail, earth cable and base plates.

“Our product engineers designed a solution that offers customers a robust, functional and aesthetically pleasing product to house their equipment,” commented Steve Clarke, business development manager of DEM Manufacturing. “The new range was built with easy installation in mind. To make things even simpler we’re also offering a customised finish with a machining and painting service, backed up with 3D CAD modelling.

“In an environment as fast paced as the electrical industry, high quality products are always required. The electrical enclosures suit applications in wide range of sectors from renewable energies, homeland security and instrumentation to automotive, military and marine,” concluded Clarke.


Article first published : 13|3|2014