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DEM Manufacturing now offers waterproof EMI/RFI shielded aluminium enclosures

DEM Manufacturing has announced that its latest range of IP67 and IP68 aluminium enclosures has now been upgraded to include enhanced EMI and RFI protection.

The new Deltron 480C and 483C ranges of aluminium enclosures now have combined IP67/IP68 ratings and EMI/RFI protection, making these enclosures ideally suitable for the most demanding electrical and environmental conditions in marine, industrial, food preparation, transportation, leisure, military and aerospace.  All are certified to BS EN 60529: 1992.

When using a conductive enclosure, the EMI/RFI screening achieved can be significantly impaired with the application of a non-conductive sealing mechanism.  DEM Manufacturing has designed an EMI/RFI seal which maintains conductivity between the lid and box, and is essential to eliminate high frequency radiated emissions.  This therefore allows EMI and RFI screening properties to be unaffected, whilst maintaining a watertight seal of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes (IP67), and depths of up to 5 metres for 1 hour (IP68).  This means the enclosure is ideal for use in high humidity, underwater applications and applications subjected to heavy spray.

All of this adds up to enclosures manufactured from high grade materials and processes to match the stringent and increasing demands of today's industry.

DEM Manufacturing offers a range of die cast aluminium enclosures: plain and coated, flanged, sealed, IP65 and IP66, with a full ‘one stop’ solution for design, engineering finishing and box build.  Also offered is a selection of ABS, polycarbonate IP65 enclosures.  The Deltron 480C series offers 15 standard box sizes, whilst the Deltron 483C series consists of 9 sizes of flanged boxes.  Sizes range from 60mm x 55mm x 31mm to 275 x 175 x 66mm – the largest range available from a European supplier.

Article first published : 19|1|2011