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Selecting the right enclosure for the job

Within any industry, electrical enclosures are an essential product designed for safe housing of electrical components that could cause huge implications if they were to fail.

When it comes to selecting the right enclosure many factors must come into consideration such as surrounding environment and protection requirements. Therefore it is important to understand the benefits of different enclosures along with IP ratings to ensure you choose the right one for the task.

Heavy Duty Low Cost Enclosures

Deltron have recently developed a new range of Heavy Duty Low Cost Enclosures which work without a seal due to there being no need for protection.

Some applications do require protection from the elements but for those in milder environments, a general purpose heavy duty enclosure would achieve more than is necessary.

The main advantage of such enclosures is the opportunity of a low cost solution for use in applications where moisture or ingress protection is not critical to the performance of the system. Plus, such tough and hardwearing enclosures create an extremely versatile collection. From lighting to security and transportation, they will suit a diverse range of industries and applications.

Ingress Protection

Ingress protection ratings classify the degree of protection against intrusion offered by the enclosure. For devices to be situated in outdoor or harsh surroundings, design engineers choose IP rated enclosures when they require a robust box where ingress protection is a priority.

There is regular demand for water resistant enclosures but the level of protection depends on the IP rating. At the lower end of the scale, IP54 provides some light water spray and dust protection but for full immersion in water a rating of at least IP67 is likely to be required at the higher end of the scale.

Although IP ratings represent a standard, the level of protection can still differ to what may be expected. For example, the IP67 standard means withstanding full immersion in water of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. So, in theory, a box which will withstand depths of 1.5 metres for 45 minutes is not much better than its IP67 counterpart but it can be classified as IP68. As a result it is always advisable to double check the enclosure specifications with the supplier before placing an order.

IP rated enclosures can be used for numerous applications and industries, but typical uses for waterproof enclosures include marine, particularly on board ships, as well as other transport uses, security equipment, traffic management equipment and more.

Whilst aluminium die cast enclosures are available with IP ratings up to IP68, they also provide good EMC shielding. For example, Deltron have manufactured enhanced industrial enclosures to meet this need, where the seal design allows excellent bonding between the lid and base to maintain EMI/RFI protection. Such enclosures are ideally suited to the most demanding electrical and environmental conditions in marine, industrial, food preparation, transportation, leisure, military and aerospace.

Please click here to view Deltron's IP68 enclosure range.

Factory Customisation

Factory customised enclosures can help to keep costs, lead times and logistics to a minimum and there are numerous processes and finishes which are available before an enclosure is delivered. Drilling holes, milling and etching, adding inserts, painting and silk screening are all extra options which Deltron offer to match customer specifications.

Deltron offers several ranges of enclosures in many size options to fit various purposes. Made from aluminium, all of the enclosures come in three standard finishes of plain, powder coated or nylon coated which have individual properties for extra performance capabilities such as UV protection or corrosion resistance.

Further to this customisation, Deltron’s Heavy Duty Enclosures are supplied with DIN rail stand offs, base mounting kits and internal earth points. They are also delivered complete with the lid and stainless steel captive screws to improve security and eliminate snagging.

All of these heavy duty enclosures are also manufactured in the UK, which enables Deltron to not only deliver stock from a UK source but reduce lead times and deal with fluctuations in demand more precisely. Overall this means a strong offering of support for production and development projects.

3D CAD drawings are available for customers to incorporate into their own 3D model which speeds up the design process. Personalised drawings are created for every custom project using award winning internal processes. Utilising the latest 3D CAD SolidWorks and EdgeCam modelling software, which when programmed into a CNC 4 axis machine, drives the drilling, cutting and milling, ready for the engineer to use on site.

We also have 3D printing facilities for fast prototype availability.

In choosing to have your enclosure factory customised, whether low volume or high production runs, you could save a significant amount of time and money throughout the process.

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Article first published : 3|11|2014