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IP66 Fortis Enclosure Range

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The Fortis enclosures offer the best protection available on the market over the combined effects of water, impact and corrosive environments.

Manufactured from a premium alloy: Galvanic effects between copper and aluminium increase the speed of corrosion and this range has a low copper content of less than 0.1%, offering a longer lifespan than standard aluminium enclosures on the market. Read more about alloys with our feature: All About Alloys

Outstanding Corrosion Resistance: The salt spray test went on a further 18 weeks after the 1000 hours resistance certification and the box was still not corroded.

High Impact and Ingress Protection: IP testing was carried out after impact testing, verifying that the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly.

Reusable Seals: The seals can withstand up to 200 compresses or uses, making them more environmentally friendly than single use seals.

Press Release: Our Best Box Just Got Better

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