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New Compact Cost-Effective Harmonic Filters

New compact, cost-effective, harmonic filter design reduces harmonic distortion for more efficient operation.

The new MTE Series D Matrix Harmonic filter from DEM Manufacturing substantially reduces harmonic distortion resulting in improved energy consumption, lower running costs and reduced carbon footprint. It is typically 20% cheaper and 30% more compact than equivalent competitive products and is available in open-panel and freestanding configurations

The new filter incorporates a new, patented design technology, which improves the true power factor in a wide range of applications. It is suitable for use with all types of six-pulse rectifier power supplies commonly found in three-phase equipment such as AC and DC motor drives, fans, pumps and rectifiers. 

Poor power quality caused by harmonic distortion reduces operational efficiency in factories, processing sites, on board ships and in other plant installations. Harmonics not only waste energy, but reduce equipment life, electrical system reliability and equipment productivity.  Moreover, sites that are supplying surplus energy back to grid (Network Operating Companies (NOCs)), must minimize harmonics in order to comply with the G4/5 Recommendations for power quality.

The new MTE Series D Matrix Harmonic filter is effective in reducing harmonic distortion for smoother, more energy-efficient operation of equipment, and for compliance with G4/5 Recommendations.  Unlike competitive technologies, the Matrix filter design is guaranteed to meet maximum levels of total harmonic current distortion (THID) all the way from no load to full load and will not cause power system resonance nor attract harmonics from other non-linear loads.

The MTE Series D filter is available in the UK from DEM Manufacturing, with power ratings from 6 to 786 Amps (can be fitted in parallel for larger power installations).  
DEM Manufacturing has exclusive dealership for MTE Corporation in the UK and Europe

Article first published : 10|12|2007