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New MTE Corporation Matrix AP Harmonic Filter

DEM Manufacturing is pleased to introduce the MTE Corporation Matrix AP Harmonic Filter with its patent-pending adaptive passive filtering technology.

A solution to excessive harmonics, the Matrix AP Harmonic Filter provides the best harmonic mitigation available in a passive filter for improved power quality and energy efficiency.

Using patent-pending adaptive passive technology, the Matrix AP Harmonic Filter adapts its impedance in response to changing loads. It is effective over a wider load range and features lower harmonic distortion at lower loads more than any other passive filter design. With a standalone efficiency that exceeds 99% throughout the load range, the Matrix AP Harmonic Filter outperforms all other harmonic filters by allowing users to achieve efficient and superior mitigation of harmonics. No other harmonic filter exhibits active filter characteristics in a passive filter topology like the Matrix AP Harmonic Filter.

The Matrix AP Harmonic Filters are compatible with generator systems and are designed to use up to 83% fewer capacitors than previous Matrix filters. Resistors have been eliminated for less heat generation; therefore, fans are not required. With reduced harmonics and improved power factor, the Matrix AP Harmonic Filters extend the service life cycle of electrical equipment and reduce energy costs. They are available in open panel, NEMA 1 / 2 and NEMA 3R and are UL / cULS listed.

DEM Manufacturing is the European agent for MTE Corporation. MTE is an international supplier of power quality products designed to improve the reliability of power electronic systems and adjustable frequency drives. MTE manufactures line/load reactors, Matrix Passive Harmonic Filters, Matrix PureSine® Active Harmonic Filter, EMI/RFI filters, DC link chokes, dv/dt and sine wave motor protection filters, plus numerous custom magnetic products that provide power quality solutions in a broad range of applications

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Article first published : 27|11|2014