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Low Cost Redesign of Portable Mains Filter for Battery Charger Application

Roxburgh EMC have redesigned the popular PMF6 to reduce size and cost but retain the key performance characteristics.

The Roxburgh EMC PMF range of filters are available in a 6A and 10A ratings with a new 16A version recently added. The PMF6 and PMF10 series have an IEC C14 input and C13 output which makes them an ideal pluggable solution for applications using IEC 60320 C13 power leads.

Likewise the 16A PMF16 has C20 input and C19 output making it an ideal pluggable solution for applications using IEC 60320 C19 power leads. Because of its easy connection the PMF series is typically used in applications where an EMC emissions or immunity issue is discovered once the design of a product is complete and an integral filter cannot be added.

Our engineers were asked by a manufacturer of switch mode power supplies if a lower current version, around 3A, could be produced at a much lower cost with a smaller size. The PMF3 was developed for half the cost of the PMF6 and, with case dimensions of 76x51x28mm as compared to the PMF6 101x76.5x40mm, half the physical volume.

The PMF3 like its bigger brothers is manufactured in the UK by DEM Manufacturing using Deltron's ABS enclosures which are available in 12 standard colours.