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Are your power supplies entirely compliant?

"AC-DC power supplies all require consideration given to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)", explains Tom Downing, Product Manager at Roxburgh EMC.

“There are a variety of applicable standards, including the EMC standard for power supplies BS EN 61204-3:2001, IEC 61204-3:2000, industrial scientific and medical CISPR 22 and EN 55022, measurement control and laboratory equipment IEC 61326-2-3, plus many more.

"Most modern power supplies are certified for use within a particular standard from the perspective of EMC, however they are often tested using a generic set-up that may differ considerably from the real applications in which they will eventually be used. It is not uncommon for compliant power supplies to exceed conducted emissions limits once installed, due to unexpected interactions with the equipment they supply.

“To be sure of compliance, it is best to carry out conducted emissions testing of the power supply when used in its intended application. Additionally, power supplies are usually at the front end of equipment and must bear the brunt of conducted transients and provide immunity for the equipment from line sources. For these reasons, separate EMC filters are often used with compliant power supplies.”

Roxburgh’s EMC/EMI filters are suitable for such applications to allow systems to perform reliably and comply with the relevant EMC standards. Our single phase filter ranges are available with current ratings up to 60A and voltage rating 250V. All Roxburgh single phase filters can be used from 0 - 250V and 0 - 60Hz, so are compatible with power supplies which have a universal AC input range.

Roxburgh EMC can support OEM’s with technical advice on our off-the shelf products, by offering custom solutions, or with our pre-compliance EMC testing facilities; all resulting in cost savings and reliable processes.

Our single phase chassis filters
- For General Purpose – RES10.
- For High Differential Mode – RES20.
- For High Performance – RES30.
- For High Differential and Common Mode – RES60.
- For High Differential, Common and Frequency Attenuation – RES70.
- For Multi-stage and High Performance – RES80.
- For Very High Performance – RES90.

Our single phase IEC inlet filters
- For filtered IEC inlet – RID.
- For filtered IEC inlet with 1 or 2 fuses – RIR, RIR2.
- For filtered IEC inlet with switch and 1 or 2 fuses – RIP, RIQ, RIS

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing
EMC testing can be undertaken by our engineers in our UK factory, to determine a products’ level of compliance to product safety directives. We can perform highly accurate EMC tests relating to both Conducted and Radiated emissions using fully-compliant cispr measuring equipment and apparatus. Our engineers will assist with problem solving and product selection, before providing a highly detailed report that can be used as further evidence of conformance to support your declaration to the necessary directives and standards.

Why work with Roxburgh EMC?
- We have been manufacturing EMC filters since 1969.
- We are based in the UK, which means right on your doorstep.
- We have strong business partnerships to attain cost effective components and materials.
- We source and manufacture high quality products.
- Our experienced sales and technical teams will be helpful during every step of the process.
- We will keep you up to date with progress, via emails, phone calls or face-to-face meetings.
- We can help you lead the market in your industry.
Need more reasons? View our product ranges, industry case studies, or blog pages.

Article first published : 3|8|2016