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Chassis Mounted Medical EMC Filters

New EMC filters, designed with attributes specifically for the medical industry, are now available at Roxburgh EMC.

The single phase medical grade RES series has very low earth leakage specifications of around 2µA to make them suitable for medical applications. Seven ranges of UL 1283 approved chassis mounted filters are available with various performance capabilities, including high common and differential mode attenuation.

Tom Downing, Product Manager at Roxburgh EMC, commented: “Normally, a user in contact with an earthed metal enclosure and another earthed object would suffer no adverse effects as a result of the low impedance of the protective earth conductor, even if the equipment had a large leakage current.

“When the protective earth is disconnected, however, there would be a risk of shock to the patient. This becomes more severe as earth leakage increases and therefore a low leakage filter is required for medical equipment in the order of microamps instead of milliamps as seen in standard EMC filters.”

The filters are designed for quick and easy chassis mounting with fast-on, screw or wire terminations. There are current rating options between 1 and 20amp, with an operating frequency from dc to 400Hz.

For more information, please visit our product pages to download technical specifications and 3D CAD models.

RES10-M General Purpose
RES20-M High Differential Mode
RES30-M High Performance
RES60-M Multi-Stage General Purpose
RES70-M Multi-Stage Performance
RES80-M Multi-Stage High Performance
RES90-M Very High Performance

Article first published : 20|9|2016