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Roxburgh EMC; Earth Leakage Specification Change

Roxburgh EMC has changed the way earth leakage current is specified for the industrial EMC filter ranges.

Until recently, the specified earth leakage current for Roxburgh EMC’s three phase industrial filter ranges was calculated assuming a fault condition; typically with one phase disconnected. This was useful for engineers that needed to know the worst case leakage, however, users considering installing RCDs need to know the normal earth leakage current also.

Starting with the popular KMF series, data has now been updated to show earth leakage current for normal operating conditions in which there is assumed to be less than +/-3% voltage imbalance between the phases.

Roxburgh EMC offers a vast range of filters for industrial usage, from single-phase to three-phase and three-phase and neutral filters, in varying current ratings and performance options. The change was prompted by some misperception between fault leakage and normal operating leakage, but the new classification system will assist the engineer in making a well informed decision on the most suitable product for the task.

The data for other industrial series’ will be updated over the coming weeks, if you have any questions please contact us on 01724 273239.

To view the industrial filter ranges, please click here.

Article first published : 26|1|2015