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Roxburgh EMC New Chassis Filters Now Available From Premier Farnell plc

43 lines from Roxburgh's latest chassis filter range are now available for purchase from stock at Premier Farnell plc.

Longstanding stockist of Roxburgh EMC products, Farnell has chosen to add the RES range to their portfolio due to the broad range of performance levels they offer, making them highly suitable for a multitude of applications.

The chassis filters encompass general purpose and single phase industrial applications and are appropriate for machinery, household equipment, building automation, lighting, office automation, drives and much more. They also perform well in particularly noisy environments where an increased filter performance is required, and dependent on selection, have both high common and differential mode attenuation.

Tom Downing, Product Manager at Roxburgh EMC said; “We are thrilled that Farnell have moved so quickly to add these items to their portfolio. They have seven ranges now available with current ratings of 1 to 20 Amps. These products are competitively priced and we expect rapid sales growth.”

All of the filters are designed for fast and easy chassis mounting and obtainable with either fast-on, screw or wire terminations. They are also UL approved and available from UK stock.


RES10 - General Purpose
RES20 - High Differential Mode
RES30 - High Performance
RES60 - Multi-stage General Purpose
RES70 - Multi-stage Performance
RES80 - Multi-stage High performance
RES90 - Multi-stage Very High Performance

Article first published : 27|7|2015