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EMC Filters, EMC Components and Surge Protection Devices

Welcome to Roxburgh EMC's filtering products which include a wide range of industrial and appliance filters, IEC inlet type and surge protection devices.

Our standard Roxburgh EMC filters meet a wide range of applications and requirements. However, our team of skilled engineers can develop and customise any parameter to meet your electrical, mechanical and connection method requirements whilst optimising for performance and cost. 

We design and manufacture EMC filters for some of the world's leading OEM's in many industries and sectors worldwide. We also carry out Conducted Emissions testing which can be performed within our UK lab facility or remotely at your site and assist in solving your EMC issues - full details here

With many years of experience in design and testing, our team of engineers can offer expert advice and selection on a range of EMC components for filtering applications.

If you cannot find your specific requirements from the products listed below, please contact our team on +44 (0)1724 273200


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Electromagnetic compatibility means that a device neither causes nor suffers interference within its intended environment.

Interference (Noise)
Any unwanted electrical signal that may disrupt a system.