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Roxburgh EMC Products


RES163F03 EMC and Harmonic Hybrid Filter - 3 Amp

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Roxburgh’s RES163F03 filter combines mitigation of mid to high order harmonics with RFI attenuation to help meet harmonic and EMC limits in one compact low cost package.

Most industrial EMC filters are tuned to have maximum performance at 150 kHz which is the frequency at which many applications will fail EMC limits. The RES163F03 uses an unusually large choke which imparts attenuation performance at much lower frequencies so the filter has performance from the 13th (650Hz for 50Hz applications) to the 40th Harmonic.

This performance is often enough to aid compliance with IEC/EN 61000-3-2 especially where mid to high order harmonics cause the bulk of the problem. In these applications the more commonly used laminated core inductors used can be less useful as they are most effective for the lower order harmonics. The RES163F03 has been successfully deployed and many applications to date where it is often used to replace separate EMC and harmonic filtering devices thus saving space and reducing cost.

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